DRS boasts the tag of market leader in transportation industry. It is important for you to know that above mentioned company is not just limited to the shifting business. As a matter of fact, it also contributes in education and pharmaceutical world with great expertise. Anyway, you will never face any kind of problem with this company as it tries every bit to keep customers away of all kinds of hassles and problems.

DRS Logistics

Prominent service provider in transportation world, DRS Logistics delivers outstanding results at affordable price while maintaining international standards. Anybody can hire its services as its policy remains unchanged for everybody.

MDN Edify Education

MDN Edify Education (P) Ltd. is a major entity in DRS.Vision and mission of this enterprise is to provide quality education to all while keeping students safe against all kinds of difficulties. Successful divisions of MDN Edify Education (P) Ltd. are:

  1. Edify School
  2. Edify Kids
  3. MDN Future School
  4. Edvisor
DRS Internation Schools

At DRS International Schools, we educate students with breakthrough teaching methods. In addition, we prepare them to face the tough challenges of life with great dexterity and intelligence.

DRS Warehouse (s) Pvt. Ltd

Highly efficient and properly secured warehousing facility proves of great use to customers. All your belongings stay safe against all kinds of unforeseen situations like torrential rain, scorching heat and many others.

DRS Dilip Roadlins

DRS Dilip Roadlines is committed and dedicated to keep all your belongings safe& secured against all kinds of damages. For the same reason, our experts take perfect care of your every good with high quality packaging material as well as load/unload with careful hands.

DRS Shipping

DRS Shipping never snubs any client for relocation as its team is capable enough to shift you to any domestic or foreign location. Just hire once and get ready to start living at the desired location in quick time.we